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Pregnancy Yoga in Chiswick

Uncommon pairing, but not if UFO stands for Upright, Forward and Open.  Three important actions for the pregnant body.  Prenatal yoga brings focus on these aspects and so much more.  The parallels that one can draw between yoga and pregnancy and childbirth are countless.  The breath, the physical and mental awareness, the sense of equanimity that you cultivate, the relaxation; all ingredients that prepare you for one of the most challenging, empowering and magical moments in a woman’s life.


When I first heard the acronym from one of the midwifes on my prenatal yoga teacher training, I immediately saw how those 3 physical aspect could be translated to the way we approach pregnancies.  Upright: standing tall, strong on our 2 feet like in Tadasana, Mountain pose.  Growing a baby inside of you and giving birth is one of the most empowering experiences in a womans life.  Forward: looking ahead, with eager anticipation of meeting your baby, knowing that the future will be filled with challenges but with so much more love.  Open: using this quality as your approach to what the future will bring, to how your pregnancy and childbirth will be.  Staying open to possibilities.


Come and experience the benefits of yoga during pregnancy at The Parent Hood studio in Chiswick. First class promotion £6. No previous experience required.