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Aside from being a brilliant show, if you’ve not watched it you should, in fact I think everyone should watch it as it’s a real eye opener into the world of women. But let’s talk working moms. I read something that almost made me cry because work and mom are two words that get put together with a snap of a finger when you return to work but it takes a lifetime to morf into. Come to think of it, I don’t like the word working mom to define a mom who has a job. As opposed to what? A stay-at-home mom? As if they don’t have a job because they are looking after their family?

Women who have a job which takes them away from their children are probably going through a million things in their head. “Should it be me doing what the nanny or the nursery is doing?” “I’m so happy to not be a housewife anymore!” “I miss my baby so much” “I can’t afford to not go back to work” “I feel like I’m actually getting some rest when I’m working” “I wonder what they are doing?” “Will I be discriminated because I am a mom?” “How can I develop my career if they expect people to work overtime and twice as much and I have to spend time with my child” or “I need to provide for this family, so any form of childcare that will help me do my job well and better is fine for me”.

You might have done it a million times; leaving them with someone is never easy (maybe if it’s family) and the post I read which really spoke to me was that we don’t want our children to think it was easy, teaching them about hardship and sacrifice and the uncomfortable is giving them a slice of real life they will thank you for. So you can be a career driven mom, you could be a stay at home mom or something in between, you are juggling and balancing so much physically and mentally that the labels put in front of mom to define you should just all fall under one universal category: Amazing!