We are all working moms

Aside from being a brilliant show, if you’ve not watched it you should, in fact I think everyone should watch it as it’s a real eye opener into the world of women. But let’s talk working moms. I read something that almost made me cry because work and mom are…

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Pregnancy and “Normal” Yoga

  Often in my pregnancy classes when we introduce ourselves, I ask my mamas if they have practiced yoga before and often we have referred to any other yoga class, other than pregnancy yoga, as “normal yoga”. And we didn’t mean it in a negative way or to say that…

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The joys and pains of breastfeeding


No it’s not a typo. Breastfeeding is an entirely different beast, alas one we do not hear enough about. I remember my first meltdown took place a couple of days after returning home with our baby. We couldn’t settle him at night and we weren’t sure if I had been…

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Open letter to a mother

Dear Mom who is still carrying life inside, there is groundwork to be done in these 9 months; whilst your body, mind blowingly, and without you needing to do much, is creating a human inside, your mind may need more reassurance, more comfort, more effort, more time to let everything…

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Birth video

“Why? Why would you do that?” That’s what I asked myself and many other people to whom we hinted we might film our birth. As I became more educated and confident about birth, I realised I wouldn’t ask myself why would I have a beautiful and happy moment on record.…

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Choosing where to give birth

One of my birth preferences was opting for birth centre. I toyed with the idea of having a home birth but since it was our first baby, Luca felt more confident having the hospital close by just in case. As you may know by now, I am a big advocate…

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