Pregnancy is a beautiful but equally challenging journey for both your body and your mind.  It’s a time when as women, we feel vulnerable, sometimes out of our depth and not fully confident about what we know and what to expect when we are pregnant.  Practising pregnancy yoga not only helps you to adapt to the physical changes but it also gives you the tools to tap into your growing intuition and to strengthen the connection between your body and your mind. 

In my classes I take you through the physical practice of asana (yoga poses) addressing the common ailments experienced during pregnancy, whilst promoting strength and openness in the body. We learn and practise breathing and relaxation techniques which nurture the mind and our emotional sphere. We are also building a community and a safe space for soon to be mothers to share and to feel they are not alone in this journey.

You will benefit from increased energy and ability to switch off from the external world to find a sound connection with yourself and your baby.  You will have the opportunity to calibrate the intensity of your practice from vigorous to modified and you will always enjoy a restful and restorative session at the end.

With a steady practice, we will increase your confidence and you will feel geared up to welcome childbirth both emotionally and physically, using movement, breath, relaxation and positive affirmations.  There is continuous research being done to prove how pregnancy yoga can be beneficial in preparation to, and during childbirth and my aim is to contribute toward women having the most positive birth experience.

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