Being active has been a common thread since being a baby.  I used to cartwheel and fall into splits around the house wearing my favourite leotard.  I remember being so pleased with myself when I beat the fastest boy in my class during sprints. I was a young frequenter of the gym, taking intimidatingly routined aerobics classes and LBT sessions with glaring techno music playing.

My love affair with yoga started in 2009 in a hot yoga room, when my practice really became part of a healthy routine. I had a full time job but I started working on Saturdays at the reception of my local studio at the time. I didn’t mind working 6 days a week; I loved being surrounded by the yoga community and in exchange I could practice as much as I wanted.

I considered a teacher training some 3 years later but the right opportunity for me came along in 2015 when I trained at Fierce Grace Yoga with Michele Pernetta. Doing my 200hrs teaching set sequences, helped me to focus on the bodies and on the students’ practice without having to think about sequencing.

My natural inclination to practice movement with breath and exploration of the body through intelligent and creative sequencing, led me to deepen my knowledge in Vinyasa yoga with Jason Crandell, with whom I recently completed my 300hrs.

In 2017 whilst I was pregnant, I also furthered my training with Yogamama to teach Pre and Post Natal yoga. I kept practising throughout my pregnancy and I cannot recommend yoga enough during those 9 months. I am honoured to be able to share my passion and bring the benefits of yoga to expectant and new moms.

Despite all the yoga, I’m not as bendy as you might think. If I am able to find a balance between strength and flexibility, it is down to yoga. I’m a big advocate of any kind of movement that makes your body feel good; I compliment my yoga practise with weight training and working out which together have made my body strong and helped me recover postpartum.

What else is there to know about me?

I was born in Rome, I am half Filipino, half Italian and moved to London when I was 19. I have lived here ever since, met my husband and we had a son in 2018. I love writing, healthy food and have a very eclectic taste in music. Since becoming a mom, I left my full time office job to focus on my family and my teaching.  I like training at the gym and staying active whenever possible.  I have an addiction to dark chocolate and trainers, I prefer to sit on floors than chairs, I work better late at night than early mornings.  I also fit the usual cliches: love movies but little time to watch them, love to read but I can only do audiobooks, I consider myself a creative but never had a creative job. Things I would like to do before I die: learn how to DJ, write a book, live close to the beach.


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My second time breastfeeding

  15 April (Day 1) I missed being with Luca and Leonardo on our first night as 4 but I was discharged this evening and Leonardo welcomed me behind the hospital doors with the biggest smile. It hit me as we were driving home that we are now a family…

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Home birth story

  Welcome to the light Tommaso     I’ve always secretly believed I had a lot of beginner’s luck; that anytime I would do something for the second time, it would be a little bit more challenging, if not a disaster. Be it teaching a new class, baking something, going…

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wedding day

5 years ago, our wedding day

    I’ve written posts for each of our wedding anniversaries but I never wrote about our wedding day. I hadn’t watched our wedding video in ages and to get inspired for my writing, I had a look at it and it made me emotional. Definitely the hormones, but it…

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We are all working moms

Aside from being a brilliant show, if you’ve not watched it you should, in fact I think everyone should watch it as it’s a real eye opener into the world of women. But let’s talk working moms. I read something that almost made me cry because work and mom are…

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Pregnancy and “Normal” Yoga

  Often in my pregnancy classes when we introduce ourselves, I ask my mamas if they have practiced yoga before and often we have referred to any other yoga class, other than pregnancy yoga, as “normal yoga”. And we didn’t mean it in a negative way or to say that…

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The joys and pains of breastfeeding


No it’s not a typo. Breastfeeding is an entirely different beast, alas one we do not hear enough about. I remember my first meltdown took place a couple of days after returning home with our baby. We couldn’t settle him at night and we weren’t sure if I had been…

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