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I’ve always admired people who have the innate power of being always happy and positive or if anything, the ones who just have the ability to offer an optimistic prospective to most situations.  Some people just have it in them and make it look effortless.  I wouldn’t say it comes to me naturally, it’s something I keep working on as situations present themselves to me.  Being mindful about your thought process, can help you catch yourself getting into a whirlwind of negativity.  I am magnetised to a happy person, their energy sucks me in and leaves me feeling like there is always something good around.  Practising yoga has made me very receptive to people’s energies and just as there are good old happy souls, there also are battered and constantly in pain ones.  These ones often turn their problems, ailments and troubles into an inseparable part of their being, making it impossible for them to put the various aspects of their life into compartments. By all means, it’s important to nurse your pains and sit with them but it’s just as important to take stock of the good things we can still be grateful for.  We would all have reasons to be bitter: it’s your choice to let those reasons become who you are or let them be the reasons why you know how to be a happier person.